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Encanto 3x 473 ml Kit for keratin hair straightening

Encanto 3x 473 ml Kit for keratin hair straightening

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Set for keratin hair straightening ENCANTO DO BRASIL


  • The set includes instructions for use in Polish

    The Encanto products we sell are 100% original and have a long shelf life.

    ENCANTO is a reliable preparation for straightening and reconstruction of hair.
    Intended for thin, thick, curly, wavy and unruly hair.
    If you want to have healthy, smooth and shiny hair then ENCANTO is just for you

    The effects of the treatment are visible from 2 to 4 months

    ENCANTO can be used on hair damaged by bleaching , dyeing , permanent or other chemical treatments, as well as on dry hair without shine .

    ENCANTO FORMULA is based on keratin , which is a natural building block of hair. This is the element that distinguishes this method from the so-called permanent straightening, in which a chemical substance (usually ammonium thioglycolate or sodium hydroxide) breaks the disulfide bridges responsible for the protection, strength and elasticity of the hair.

    ENCANTO does not interfere with the internal structure of the hair, it only consists in pressing keratin into the hair strands, which then tightly adheres and surrounds the hair. The effect is smoothness, reduction of fluffiness, shine and protection against hair damage.

    Application rules:
    - It is recommended to use a straightener with a minimum heating temperature of 215°C - 232°C.

    - Hair coloring should be done before the treatment (preferably about 2 weeks before the treatment). If this is not possible, hair coloring can be done at a time interval of min. 2 weeks after the Encanto BKT keratin treatment. Attention, you should never dye your hair in the same period as the treatment.
    - It is recommended to trim or cut the hair after the Encanto BKT treatment, as sometimes split ends can be seen on some hair types after the keratin straightening treatment.
    - Encanto BKT treatments can be used in children , however, we recommend using the treatment in children over 10 years of age.
    - We do not recommend performing the procedure on pregnant or breastfeeding women.
    - The effects will be visible for up to 4 months and fade gradually with each hair wash.
    - Repeating the procedure may take place depending on individual preferences and conditions, some women do not need to perform the procedure more often than every 4-5 months. However, some women perform the keratin hair straightening treatment much more often. It depends on individual preferences and hair type.
    - The treatment should be performed in accordance with the Instructions, no step can be skipped during its execution! Due to the use of a unique formula in Encanto BKT cosmetics, thanks to which the hair can be washed on the same day after the treatment, it is necessary to follow all the steps carefully in order to obtain proper results.
    - To alleviate any possible sensitivity to the unpleasant odor of the product?

    The key is proper ventilation - avoid small rooms, use additional ventilation in the form of fans or open windows. In addition, always use gloves and a face mask.

    1. Wash your hair with the shampoo included in the Claryfying Shampoo kit (#1) 2-3 times as needed. This is to rinse out any residue left after coloring or other chemical treatments, i.e. to remove any impurities from the hair. DRY HAIR ONLY WITH A TOWEL WITHOUT USE OF A DRYER, removing excess water from it so that it remains damp.
    2. Make sure you are in a WELL VENTILATED room (preferably spacious). Put on gloves and a mask. Shake the bottle of Straightening Treatment (#2) well before use, then squeeze the desired amount into the bowl. Before starting the procedure, do an allergy test on a small piece of skin. After a short period of time, if the skin does not turn red, we continue the treatment. Divide the hair into very small sections, then use a brush to distribute the straightening preparation on the hair at a distance of 1-2 cm from the scalp to the very ends. Avoid contact of the preparation with the scalp. To make sure that the preparation WILL NOT come into contact with the scalp, you can use aluminum foil, as in the case of coloring treatments. Start with the lower parts. After application, run your hands from root to tip and back several times, making sure that each hair is properly coated with the preparation. After you cover the entire hair with the product, wait 15 minutes.
    3. Blow dry hair on high speed (COOL OR MEDIUM-HOT AIR STREAM) until completely dry - hair must be COMPLETELY DRY!! Ignoring this recommendation will result in the effect of the treatment not being so spectacular! If you have sensitive eyes, hold a damp towel to your face while drying - this is to prevent watery eyes. Straighten thin and small strands of hair with a straightener heated to 215°C-230°C - 6-7 times each strand, keeping a dozen or so seconds interval between each straightening. After straightening all hair, wait 30 minutes. TIP: If you want the effect of lifted hair from the roots, straighten the strands by holding them up.
    4. Wash your hair again with Claryfying Shampoo (#1). Dry your hair with a towel, removing excess water to keep it damp. DO NOT DRY WITH A DRYER!!! Using the application brush, start applying Post-Treatment Conditioner (No. 3) by separating the hair into small sections. Apply the preparation at a distance of 1-2 cm from the scalp, to the very ends. Avoid contact of the preparation with the scalp. After you cover the entire hair with the product, wait 15 minutes and rinse the hair with water, leaving about 50% of the conditioner on the hair.
    5. Dry your hair with a hair dryer WITH COOL OR MEDIUM-HOT AIR, then COMPLETELY DRY HAIR separate into small strands to facilitate this operation and improve the accuracy of drying. Then straighten the hair with a flat iron heated to 215°C-230°C, dividing it into small sections (6-7 times each). That's how we ended the operation. Now you can enjoy the amazing results of the treatment. There are no restrictions on washing your hair. You can do it at any time.
    REMEMBER - all points of the instructions are necessary for the correct conduct of the procedure. IN STEP 3 and 5, IT IS RECOMMENDED TO DRY HAIR WITH COOL OR MEDIUM-HOT AIR STREAM - it is recommended to use a flat brush, then the hair will be smoother and straighter.
    The manufacturer and distributor are not responsible for the effects of the treatment carried out contrary to the instructions. Please note that the Post-Treatment Conditioner can only be used for the treatment. Use in other cases is not recommended.
    AFTER THE TREATMENT: We do not recommend using shampoos and conditioners containing salts and harsh detergents, including SLS or SLES - we recommend delicate herbal shampoos. It is best that the composition of the conditioners used contains keratin.
    Recommended shampoos: Professional Encanto Do Brasil Anti-Frizz Shampoos (against frizz and frizz - supports the effects of keratin hair straightening) or Organic Encanto Do Brasil DAILY ALOE Shampoos (for all hair types - supports the effects of keratin hair straightening). Recommended conditioners: Professional Encanto Do Brasil Anti-Frizz Conditioners (against frizz and frizz - supports the effects of keratin hair straightening) or Organic Encanto Do Brasil ARGAN OIL conditioners - a natural, delicate conditioner for all hair types, made of 99% plant ingredients . Recommended hair styling products: preferably without ALCOHOL DENAT. It is also recommended to avoid heating the straightener or curling iron to very high temperatures.

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